A Little Time in Little Grand Turk

Hey, Y’all!

In my last blog, Cruisin’ with Carnival, I talked a bit about our cruise with Carnival on the Magic and some of the benefits to cruising. However, this post is going to be the start to talking about the lovely islands we stopped in over the course of that week! First up on our list of stops was Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos.

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Grand Turk is not very large, a little less than 7 square miles with 3,720 people living there. There is not a whole lot to do during this stop in my opinion. There is a cruise center that you port right outside of that has beach access, shops, a small museum and the largest Margaritaville.

We never do excursions through the ship because while they can be considered a great deal it is still not that great when you have to pay for six people to do the excursion (somewhere around $240-1000 for each stop). Instead, we use Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic to find things to do in the area that may be free or low cost for our large family. The beach chairs on the open beaches in Grand Turk are free, just so long as you avoid the first row of chairs which are $25 for the pair with an umbrella.


After spending an hour by the ocean, letting the fish swim around our feet and hearing someone yell “it’s a barracuda” a few feet away we headed on over to Margaritaville. There you have access to the pool free of charge which is really great for those who are not big fans of the ocean (like me! I know, I’m weird!). We followed a couple hours in the pool with a really tasty lunch at Jimmy Buffets restaurant. Let me tell Y’all, that was a really good burger and a strawberry margarita! I ordered the Cheeseburger in Paradise with a strawberry margarita in a souvenir cup shaped like a blender.

Next, we did a little walking around to shop before heading over the Splashdown Museum. Splashdown is in honor of the 1962 splashdown of Friendship 7 and John Glenn. There you will find replicas of Friendship 7 and John Glenn as well as informational signs educating visitors on a piece of history.

We ended up wrapping our day up early in Grand Turk due to the rain but I cannot say there was much more for us to do without paying for an excursion or returning to the pool (none of which ideal in the rain). Grand Turk was not a horrible stop, way better than Freeport was on our last cruise, and we did enjoy our time there; just not as many activities to do.

Next, up on the blog, I’ll fill you in on our time in San Juan! Let me know if you’ve been to Grand Turk and what you did there!


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