Cruisin’ with Carnival

Hey, Y’all!


So to celebrate my mom’s college graduation (May 5th) and my brother’s high school graduation (June 10) we took a family vacation this past month. We decided we loved our cruise so much in 2015 that we would do another one and check out some new places and a different ship.


This time we boarded the Carnival Magic on May 13th in Port Canaveral and then returned to Port Canaveral May 21st. In between, we had 3 days at sea to enjoy the ship and 4 stops. We got to experience Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Kitts and St. Martin during this cruise. Let me tell you I was not disappointed in any of these places.

So this post is going to be about cruising with Carnival and the Magic. No worries though for those of you wanting to know about each of our ports I will be doing a post about each location! I cannot wait to show Y’all each of these beautiful places but for now, let’s get down to cruising!

We personally have only ever cruised with Carnival so I cannot speak for experiences with other companies

With cruising, you have so many perks that a regular vacation does not provide to you. Taking a cruise will keep you from having to ever worry about “what are we going to eat today?” and “how much should we budget for meals?”. Why you ask? Because the amount you pay to take the cruise includes so much tasty food it is ridiculous. While there are options on board that you can pay for, it is not a necessity with all of the included options onboard. And when you’re off the ship, don’t worry! You have the freedom to come and go the whole day you’re in port so if you don’t feel like eating off the ship and paying then just stroll back and eat then go back to your exploring.

Another reason to cruise? Between $200-700 can get you 3-10 days aboard a ship with 2-5 stops in places you’ve never seen. Think about it a flight to Nassau (from Charlotte, NC) currently, costs you on average $650 per person, then add a place to stay for 4 nights and you’re up to $980 (cheapest place I can find for a search is $350 total). Now that doesn’t include eating because if you want to eat you’ll need to go into town. Then we haven’t even talked about activities or souvenirs. So you’re well over $1700 for a getaway for two to the Bahamas. Now, go to Carnival and you get a 5 day trip from Charleston ($60-100 in gas there and back depending on the car & place you live) with two days in Bahamas (Nassau AND Princess Cays), food included and so many activities onboard that if you’re looking for more than laying by the pool you’re never bored. How much you ask?? $1,226 gets you all that for two plus includes your gratuities for all the lovely people cleaning your room TWICE a day, cooking for you, and leading your fun activities on the ship, as well as trip protection. I advise the trip protection because you never know what may come up and it can really help. As a soon to be Navy wife if there is anything I already know it’s that if trip protection is offered, take it because chances are your trip won’t go like its supposed to if you didn’t get it.

carnival cruise
This is what our room looked like this time (there is a pull-down bed in the ceiling above each bed so that the room can sleep 4). The bed below are put together to make larger beds for couples.

Now, obviously, cruises aren’t the only way to travel and companies run deals all the time that can get you places cheap but really if you want a trip without the hassle…Cruises are the way to go.


This time we were on the Carnival Magic which was a bit bigger than our last ship the Fantasy. We loved it! There was something for each of us to do on board (10years old to 45 years old)! We always go for the middle of the ship when selecting our room. Like middle in every sense of the word. If the wind picks up and waves are rough you’re less likely to feel the rocking in the middle of the ship. Each cruise we take we do our best to make friends with the staff that we see on a daily basis (our dinner waiters and the crew that cleans our room). This time was no exception and this time we exchanged addresses with our lead waiter, Janos! We decided to keep in touch and the ten-year-old was so excited to become pen pals! This ship offered so much but my top highlights were the Pizza spot on the Lido deck by the back pool, the potato salad at Good Eats on Lido, the Dive in Movie, and really so much more. The kids love to take a turn at the waterslides that are on the ship and the ropes course (both of these will be shut down if wind speeds become too fast as to ensure the safety of the passengers).

Well, I’ll stop rambling! I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about the ship and cruising in general. Next up this week will be a post all about our day in Grand Turk.


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