Favorite Bits of Virginia Beach…So Far!

Hey, Y’all!


Now that Josh is in Virginia Beach I get to see him a couple times a month. Much better than when he was in Japan! However, this also means that I get to explore a new place! Before January, neither Josh or I had ever been to Virginia Beach, and I’ve got to say we are loving the area so far. I figured in this post I could let you know what I am loving about Virginia Beach, so far!

Okay, so as of right now, the traffic is not too bad. As long as you don’t try going through the tunnel at 8 a.m Monday-Friday. It is pretty easy to get around, and the more often I visit I become more comfortable in the mess of crazy drivers. We are both dreading the summer traffic that is sure to drive us crazy. Right now it is pretty simple to find a spot to park down at the boardwalk but once school gets out and vacations start those parking spots will be gone! Hello, Uber!

In the last two months during my visits, we have found some really great restaurants! We have favorite brunch and date night spots at this point.

Around since 1977, the first up for discussion is Chix. Chix is a yummy restaurant on the boardwalk! They serve brunch on the weekends but are open for lunch and dinner all through the week. We have not had lunch or dinner there, yet, but brunch was amazing. During the warmer months, the patio is open. While I can’t speak for how it will be during the summer, it is nice during the spring because the beach is not super busy and loud yet. You can order your drink and breakfast then enjoy conversation by the ocean. They offer both of our favorites: Mimosa for me and Bloody Mary for him! Being at the beach they obviously serve shrimp and grits and other seafood options, however, you won’t see many comments on the seafood as I do not eat seafood. They have breakfast burritos, waffles, chicken and waffles, omelets and the normal breakfast sides. Josh had steak and eggs while I had half a waffle with their home fries and scrambled eggs. It was delicious! Definitely hoping to try their lunch/dinner options soon!


Next up, also on the boardwalk, you’ll find Waterman’s Surfside Grille! Lunch and dinner every day, brunch on Sunday, and live music on Fridays! Can you go wrong?? We’ve only had dinner here, but it was wonderful. Waterman’s is known for their Orange Crushes, the house beverage. They have multiple variations of the drink, I myself avoid the original as it is made with vodka (my least favorite) and go for the Cruzan Crush made with pineapple rum. Now, here, josh and I have learned that we will probably be splitting dishes here from now on unless we’ve missed lunch. We ordered the Smothered Fries to start us off before ordering our main meals. I went with the Waterman’s Original Pasta with a slight variation, since the original is made with seafood I chose the option to have chicken and andouille sausage. It is a Cajun flavored dish which concerned me a bit as I shy away from spicy dishes but it was just right so if you’re like me and cannot handle a lot of heat don’t fear the pasta. The fiancé went with the Guinness Burger for dinner but substituted his fries for broccoli. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend this place! Oh, I almost forgot, they have a patio as well, and during the colder months it is enclosed and heated but still allows you that patio-dining-feel.

When it comes to fun things to do we probably have not done as many things that make people go “oh how fun!”, but give us a little time (and a summer in the area).  I personally really like the boardwalk area and being near the ocean (just not in the ocean!). We have gone to see the King Neptune Statue, and that was pretty cool. It sits right on the beach, and you can walk from the statue all the way down the boardwalk. I’m hoping this summer to visit the aquarium and play mini golf at one of the many places in the area.


So far, Virginia Beach has proven to be quite lovely, and we cannot wait to see what else we find here! I will be sure to keep you updated along the way! Do any of you have suggestions on places to eat or things to do here in Virginia Beach??

**I do not own the rights to ALL of these photos.**


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