How He Asked!

Hey, Y’all!

Keep Calm we're Getting Married

So in January, Josh returned to the states as he was being placed in Virginia and it was amazing! Finally getting to see him after being apart for nine months was perfect. A few months before he came home he kept saying he wanted to take me away on a romantic trip so that we could have some quality time (my love language*) and just relax together. So we started looking into trips and since neither one of us had been back to Asheville since he took me to the Biltmore in 2011 we decided why not?! We found an adorable bed and breakfast and started making plans.

His second weekend home was when we took our little trip, and I was so excited! There was this little bookstore downtown that I had wanted to visit for quite a while and, of course, the B&B stay! However, half way through our drive there Josh started getting a little bit snappy and agitated. I was so confused because I was relaxing more and more the closer we got. Later it made so much sense.


The first stop was downtown Asheville so I could go to Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. Then Josh put his plan (that he came up with in October 2016) into motion. We started walking around this beautiful bookstore! After seeing a sign that stated you could only sit and read one of their books after purchase I decided, much to Josh’s disappointment, that we would just go grab a couple drinks and sit in the window seats and talk. Turns out part of his proposal plan involved me picking a book! In my defense, I just did not see anything at that time that caught my eye, and I owned a few already.

After ordering our drinks, I took a seat by the window, and he said he was going to have someone take a photo of us. When he came back over with one of the employees he automatically got down on one knee, ring in hand to propose. He referenced our ten years of friendship, told me how much he loved me and how he wanted a future with me. Then those perfect words: “will you marry me?”! It was the fastest “YES” I have ever said.

I did not get super emotional. I just could not stop smiling! I did cry a little later that evening when it hit me that I was getting married to my best friend in the entire world. I can 100% say my husband is my best friend.

After our time at the bookstore, we made our way to the B&B whereupon check in there were roses, chocolate covered berries and champagne to celebrate our big moment.

Well, that is how he asked, and I said yes! I hope you have enjoyed another little snippet of our love story. I plan to do a bit of a wedding series here on the blog; what are some things you guys would want to read about?


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  1. the|galeanos says:

    This is so precious! About started crying reading this ! ❤️


    1. Thanks! Will for sure always be one of my favorite moments ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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