Uh-Oh! Eventually, I Will Get It!

So, I said that I was going to be updating more and obviously I did not follow through but the year is still just getting a start (it is only the first week of April anyways) so I’m giving it one last push! Guess what?! I already have three blog posts written and ready to go!

A lot has happened since my last post. My fiancé came home from serving in Japan and was able to stay with my family and I for a whole month. After 9 months apart it was quite lovely! His first weekend home we got snowed in at his childhood home, the next weekend we went to Asheville for a romantic weekend getaway and he proposed, then apartment hunting in Virginia (new duty station) and moving him in. In the last couple months we’ve moved him into our apartment, gotten a puppy and started wedding planning. It has been busy around here, but it’s pretty great! Okay, well that was a quick catch up but the next post is a How He Asked post! Be on the look out for a post Friday or Saturday!!


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