How I Plan to Revamp My Health


In my New Year’s post earlier this week I made the statement that I would be working to make this one of my healthiest years yet. I have a history of being out of shape, getting sick easily and between May 2015 and May 2016 I was in the ER five times. That doesn’t include the visits to Urgent Care for being sick (I even had the flu in September, I mean who gets the Flu in September??). None of this includes my severe anxiety that I battle on a daily basis, obviously going into see a doctor each time I get anxious or have a panic attack won’t do me much good.

I’m tired of always being anxious, and I know that my anxiety will always be a part of me, however, that does not mean I can’t get a hold on it and have better control with less panic attacks. I’m tired of getting sick or feeling bad. It isn’t the biggest secret that a lot of medicine can have long lasting effects on the body, therefore, avoiding putting more and more of it inside is best. Lastly, I’m tired of being out of shape. I’m not overweight (though, in December 2014, I was at the top of the scale for my body/height and was close to being overweight at 161 pounds; currently 137lbs). It isn’t so much the weight as toning my body and not being so sluggish or fearing physical activity because it’s going to hurt or “feel like I’m dying” (really bad chest pains).

I figure in 2017 I would turn things around. I’m going to try creating a healthier lifestyle for myself and make some adjustments. With that said here is a glimpse of 2017:

Each month I have picked workouts that will target different areas of the body. (I obviously don’t want to push too hard when I’m not an already super active person. I’m sure walking across campus everyday doesn’t exactly count as being active.) Working out does more than improve your appearance and ability for physical activity. It can help with improving anxiety as well. Plus being healthier in this way can keep you from being sick a lot.


I plan to take a minimum of five minutes a day to meditate/have quiet time to myself. One of the only times I agreed to see a therapist for my mental health the only bit of helpfulness I got out of it was to “take time to not think”. I did it for a bit but quit for some reason. I’m going to try taking a minute to do so after waking up, two minutes in the middle of the day to reset and then two at night before bed to calm my mind before sleeping.


That brings me to SLEEP! I have a hard time falling asleep at night or getting enough sleep. That isn’t good for many reasons. Its said that if you aren’t sleeping right it has negative effects on weight and physical health but also on mental health. If you haven’t got enough sleep it can make it easier to lose control and let anxiety take over because you’re tired…simply no fight left to give. So with that being said my goal is to get a minimum of six hours of sleep a night. In order to fall asleep I’m going to stop using technology about 30 minutes before bed, do my nightly routine then write (old fashioned way in a notebook) or read for about 15 minutes before two minutes of quite time to relax my mind before laying down.

It is my hope that working out, getting more sleep and taking a little time to relax will help me be a better, and most importantly, healthier version of myself. Any tips or advice? What about Y’all, will you be doing any new things for your health this year?


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