Bye-Bye 2016, Welcome 2017!

2016 in one word? There isn’t one word. There is a phrase: well damn! This year brought new experiences, amazing memories, and so much love, shocking moments and of course, as every year some sad times as well.


At the start of my year I was employed (30-45hours a week) as a nanny for three munchkins and going to school at the tech as I finished up a year of classes there. I was also prepping for my first major trip. I had been to the Bahamas on a cruise (so I guess you could say I’ve been out of the country) in 2015 but I had never flown out of the country or traveled this far especially on my own. In March 2016 I flew to Japan by myself to see my best friend (now my boyfriend) and explore a new country. In two weeks I fell in love with a country and culture. I did not want to leave. However, one of my biggest and most memorable 2016 moments happened in Tokyo one night when I realized I was tired of hiding behind “What if’s” and “Nah, we are just friends”. I decided I wanted to be with Josh and just like that I made the best decision of 2016.

The summer started a bit rocky with me leaving my job due to needing more time for school in the fall and a few unforeseen issues. That was a really rough time because I was very attached to the kids. (Actually, I still am, I took them birthday gifts in September and December, then Christmas gifts as well.) Before leaving my job in May I also ended up with what I thought was an ulcer on my cornea…to the E.R. I went at 3AM one morning because I could not open my eye. Turns out I had gotten a Staph Infection from the toddler I was keeping, only it manifested in my eye. Three days later I fell coming out of my bedroom and fractured my cheek bone on the concrete floor. It was a rocky week and one hell of a start to the summer let me tell you.

Summer tends to be one of my favorites because of my birthday and the fact it’s “Concert Season” and this year it was no different. In May, my younger sister and I took her best friend as a graduation/21st birthday gift to see Pentatonix. Now I like them but this was definitely more for Brooke and Roz because it is their favorite group. However, this was also one of my biggest steps in battling my anxiety. I made a vow last New Year’s Eve that I wouldn’t let my anxiety be in control of me. I may have battles with it but I wasn’t going to pass up on things because of it. With that said, we got pit passes for Pentatonix, and I have to admit I was really nervous but it wasn’t bad. Around the time we purchased those tickets we had purchased tickets for another concert, this time marking off something on my bucket list. Ellie Goulding. Her music is on my playlist that I turn on when I have had a panic attack and I really wanted to see her when I found out she was coming to NC so my sister bought me pit passes as an early gift for my 23rd birthday (show was in June, birthday in July). This time the pit was much worse; way more people and a lot tighter. That was okay though because I refused to leave even if I was having a hard time breathing and struggling through panic for a part of the concert. In July, Brooke and I went and saw 5 Seconds of Summer for the third year in a row but this time we decided we wanted to step it up. We got sound check experience and sat in row 19 instead of the lawn. At the end of July I turned 23 and luckily Josh was able to Skype me that morning even though he was on deployment (luck was working on our side this go around). Summer turned out pretty well and ended with me starting classes at UNCG.


In September I began working on my biggest “craft” project to date. I took my vanity that I bought October 2015 and started the process of refinishing it. It took three months due to so much going on but this week I managed to move it back into my room. (I’ll be posting in January about the vanity) In October of this year I took on the important role of being my best friend’s Maid of Honor. It was such a special moment and honor to be a part of Bridget’s (and Clay’s) big day this year. I love knowing that in such a short span of 4 years she has become such an important person, my best friend and like another sister to me. In the final parts of the year I found the strength to let go of someone I just knew would be in my life until the very end of it. The person who I have called my best friend for over a decade, I let go. That decision was difficult to make but in the end turned out to be what was best. I can only hope that it is not a one sided “good”; I hope that she also found some good in the loss of our friendship.

All in all, there were some downs to 2016 but I’ve got to say it looks like it may have just been my best year yet. I got the guy, my first big travel adventure (which was the closest I’ve felt to my grandpa since he died in 2013; fun fact he never went to Japan but definitely had the travel bug), learned new things, saw people in concert for the first time, conquered a lot of fear and anxiety, spent time with family and most importantly found a lot of happiness. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for me (It’s already looking good with my boyfriend returning home at the end of this week, a cruise in May and graduation in December). I’ll leave you with I guess my “Resolutions” (I dislike calling it that for some reason. These are choices I’m making for the year): Drink more water, Work out daily (even if it’s just a walk and some stretches), and cut back on the sodas and sugary foods. Also, I’ll be doing the “100 days of happy challenge” only I’ve decided to do “365 Days of Happy”.


What is something you are looking forward to in 2017? Any new hobbies or habits you plan to pick up? Are you happy to kiss 2016 goodbye? Let me know in the comments!


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