The Clock Ran Out, I Had To Come Home

Josh & I spent one day in the area before going to Tokyo on Saturday the 19th for a special surprise all planned out by Josh. We spent some time looking around and had lunch in a small ramen shop before going to our hotel to get ready for the night.

{I will post a separate post later about my relationship with Josh and our story. While in Tokyo things moved from friendship to being in a relationship.}

We left our hotel and walked to the train station, took a train to Shinagawa; from there we took a taxi to the Crystal Yacht Club. Josh had planned for us to take a tour of the Tokyo Bay aboard Lady Crystal. It was nice to see he had planned something super nice and special. We had showed up and waited in a room before we were told we could board. Once everyone was on board we set off and then after a bit we were allowed to roam. It was beautiful! We went up top and out, once out you could see the beauty that is Tokyo at night. I did not take photos that night, just spent time with Josh for date night enjoying what was around us. I would advise anyone traveling to Tokyo to look into the Crystal Yacht Club. (Oh and when you get your ticket for the cruise, your drinks on board are included)

This is not mine, but I did find a photo of the Lady Crystal so y’all could see the yacht we were on

After the cruise we made our way back to our hotel, but not without a stop for McDonalds so we could have a bit of dinner. Once back we decided to watch a movie (Pixels, I would not recommend it to a single soul) then got to sleep since we had an early checkout the next morning.

After our time in Tokyo we had a a dew of the guys that Josh works with over to the house for burgers and beer. That was interesting; being the only girl with a group of men that aren’t used to having women around leads to you hearing all sorts of things…

That Monday afternoon I met Joshs’ friend, Clingan since he finally had a day off. We met for drinks (Chu-Hi’s→a drink local to is made with sochu and carbonated water, it can be made in bars or purchase in cans from vending machines). Once we were done with those we decided to head to karaoke! Now karaoke in Japan is a bit different than it is here at home. There we paid $20 a person for 2.5 hours in a soundproof room with unlimited drinks. BEST THING EVER! We had soo much fun and I will not lie..I drank way too much. I forgot that they can use different amounts of liquor in their mixed drinks and it kicked my butt. I was miserable on Tuesday morning.


Now, Tuesday happened to be Disney day! Yes, you read that right..Tokyo Disneyland! (I am obsessed with Disney and have a goal to visit every park!) What should have taken us an hour and a half by train took us THREE AND A HALF HOURS! Thank God we left at 5:30AM. We had to stop at multiple train stations between Yokosuka-chuo and Yokohama Station because we felt so sick (trains are not fun when intoxicated or hungover…). Thankfully, during our stop at Yokohama Josh realized we could pay and take a bus to Disneyland from the station and trust me when I say we didn’t care the cost we were taking that bus! However, it was like $12 to ride the 1.5 hours from the station to the park and well worth it. After sleeping on the bus them walking to the entrance from the drop off we felt better. Oh and the delicious pizza inside the park in the Tomorrowland location was a big fix for us as well!

We spent until 9PM at the park and were blessed with a beautiful sunny, warm day. We only got to ride two rides but honestly I was okay with that because I got to see multiple shows, including the big lights parade, and I got to go eat at the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant for dinner. The park also has flavored popcorn throughout such as butter, soy sauce and butter & caramel. We weren’t able to see fireworks due to it being too windy and the park deciding to cancel. All in all it was a really good day with my favorite person and something I know I’ll cherish. (The ‘Home is where the ears are’ shirt I wore to Disney was from the etsy shop All Things Cute Decals,

Knowing I had to leave on Thursday afternoon it really brought my mood down when I woke up Wednesday morning. I would be lying if I said I kept it together because  I most definitely fell apart that morning -and the next- but Josh cheered me up. We made breakfast together before going out to pick up some last minute gifts and souvenirs then stopped in for lunch at CoCo’s for some lovely Japanese Curry. I will say I was terrified to try it so put it off until my last day because I don’t like spicy things however, I regret waiting so long because I would have definitely eaten that more than once during my visit.

Fried chicken curry

Thursday morning we woke up and finished with packing me up and had to be on base by 11:30 since our bus left around lunch headed for Tokyo. Josh was able to help me print my boarding passes, get lunch with me and check my luggage before heading back to the bus stop. Again, I cried a lot once we said goodbye and I waited for my plane.

Blurry but said had to have one last bowl of ramen before leaving

My flight pattern back was the reverse of the start of the trip. I left Japan at 4PM on the 24th of March, stopped in Vancouver for ten hours, stopped in Toronto for a couple of hours -had a brief delay due to snow/ice-, and then finally landed back in North Carolina at 11AM on the 25th of March. This time instead of going to the future I time traveled backwards. Let me tell you my sleep pattern was messed up again for a few days but I was able to keep the dehydration away this time.

Well I hope y’all enjoyed hearing about all of my adventures in Japan! I cannot wait for my next big trip or just travel in general (I’ll be in heading to New Orleans in August and then I have a cruise in May 2017)!


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