Views From Above Osaka

{Let me start by apologizing for how late this post is, I’ve been home since March 25th but my last week there I struggled with internet and wanted to truly focus on my time there, plus since coming home its been fairly non-stop with school (which ended Tuesday) and work.}

Japan 191
Planning outings in Osaka

Okay, so from Kyoto we took a train to Osaka, which was just as wonderful. I honestly cannot say anything bad about my time in any part of this beautiful country. From the train we took a taxi to our hotel (Hotel Live Max Otemae), but we could not check in right away since we were hours before check-in. So it called for a bit of exploration not far from the hotel. We found Osaka Castle and it was gorgeous, as I told Josh “I could live there”. With the boat rides in the moat surrounding the castle and the university beside it there were so many people in the area. This was also my first time seeing how truly well behaved the school children were. With one word from the instructor the children quit playing on their field trip and fell into lines sitting quietly (like little statues) on the ground.

So, after a couple hours over at the castle we walked back to our hotel to finally check in. This time while yes it was small that was the only thing I could really compare. We could take our shoes with us this time and keep the key but we did have to place our key in a small box by the door inside in order to make the air condition and lights work. Nonetheless, I loved our little space to relax after exploring.

Japan 184

Josh was super sweet and went to grab us some food from the Family Mart next door to our hotel while I tried to come up with some plans for the rest of the day. Let me be honest, other than finding a place for dinner, we did nothing but relax, I think Kyoto kicked our butts. We were originally going to find a local burger place because I was really craving a cheeseburger but we showed up to find the place closed down. But, similar to getting lost in Kyoto it turned out better because we found this little place where you select raw meats and veggies and then cook them yourself on a little grill in the center of your table. Plus,they had a yummy ice cream sundae (which meant Josh got to try blueberries and strawberries for the first time haha) and then suckers on the way out.

We started our day with a stop at Starbucks before walking to Hard Rock Cafe for burgers. Then from there we had to go back to the hotel because Josh was not feeling well so we went back for a resting period. Luckily, we did not have a long list of sights to see and were just set to wonder around the city until we found something. Later that evening once he felt better we set out on a 45 minute walk to Umeda Sky Building, which is one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world (173 meters/586 feet). I was so paranoid about going up because I do not like heights but it turned out to be far from terrifying. I loved it! The view was incredible from the sky garden at the very top. We lucked out in going later in the day because we made it just in time for sunset. After spending about 30 minutes at the top we went down one floor and had cocktails in the Stardust Lounge at I guess that would be somewhere around 573 feet in the air over looking the city? Seeing the city all lit up was absolutely magical.

We then went to the Family Mart on the way to the hotel to pick up a bunch of junk foods, some that I had tried already and liked during my trip and some that I had yet to try. After trying a few it was off to sleep before leaving the next morning.

The next day wasn’t too early of a start since we added an hour to our check-out time so we could sleep a bit more. We packed up and headed out for the train station. We got lunch at a restaurant inside the station (heads up their train stations in bigger cities are often like a mall, lots of shopping and yummy restaurants). We took the Shinkansen (bullet train) back to Shinagawa then back Yokosuka. Our little vacation within a vacation coming to an end.


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