Left My Heart in Kyoto

Hey, Y’all!

Easiest statement I’ve ever made: I fell in love with Kyoto. Like you know those shirts that say “Left my heart in Paris”? Yeah someone hook me up with a “Left my heart in Kyoto” t-shirt! Leaving at lunch today was sad; I truly could have stayed longer. 

We took a shinkansen (bullet train) on Sunday at 1PM from Shinagawa Tokyo and arrived at Shin-Osaka Station at 3:33PM…200MPH through Japan was not fun for me. Josh loved the experience however I was only okay if the blind was over the window and I kept myself distracted. Best thing out of the shinkansen for me had to be the box of Toppo that Josh bought on the ride. They are little sticks filled with chocolate and oh so addictive (as in I helped finish the entire box and ate most of them)!


Once at Shin-Osaka we took a train to Kyoto Station where we grabbed a taxi to our adorable little hotel, Ryokan Ohto. We chose to stay in a traditional Japaneese hotel in Kyoto when making all our reservations. Once we got settled we took time to map everything out and make a plan for Monday. 


Monday was busy, busy, busy! In total we walked almost ten miles…TEN MILES! If you know me then not only do you know im in horrible shape because well I’m kinda lazy in the fitness department but I also broke my ankle at the start of December. Well not only did I survive the walking but I did it without complaint and it was the first day without an ibuprofen or nausea pill!

We started our rainy -yes rainy, down pour rainy- day with a stop at McDonalds then to Yodobashi-Kyoto for a memory card since I left mine in Yokosuka. Once that was settled the exploration of Kyoto was good to start so we hopped in a taxi and headed out for Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Temple)! This is somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years, after doing a project on Kyoto in middle school it was added to my list of “One days”. It was absolutely beautiful and only ¥400 to get in the gates.


From Kinkaku-ji  we walked (2hours) to a place called Philosophers Walk which is a little street along the canal with shops and restaurants lining the way. The two hour walk was actually nice, it gave the rain time to stop before we got to the Philosophers Walk and the Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Temple). We stopped for some lunch (niku for myself, which was thin slices of beef on top of rice and josh got gyu which is thin strips of beef with an egg on top) then a few little shops. 

At the end of the little street you find the entrance to Ginkaku-ji. Here you can climb steps on the property and get a beautiful view of the city! It was ¥500 a piece to enter so not bad especially with that view. 

After walking around the grounds of the Ginkaku-ji we decided it was time to head back to our hotel to prepare for dinner. However, right outside the entrance was a little place selling cream puffs but in the interest of trying something new and being obsessed with cherry blossoms I tried the puff atuffed with Cherry Blossom cream…it tasted like when you smell the bath and body works lotion and can smell it if you get what im saying. But even with that said it was yummy. 

For dinner we headed to Yodobashi-Kyoto and found an Italian restaurant -SO MUCH BREAD AND SO MANY NOODLES- where we came to the conclusion we were dying from too much food. I should also say after dinner we took a wrong turn which put us another half hour walk from the hotel. And strange enough for someone who plans everything and panics  when things go wrong this was one of the best parts of the time in Kyoto. The city was lit up bright and we took a walk along the canal; it was absolutely lovely getting lost in a city I’d only been in 24 hours!


Sadly, we had to pack up Tuesday morning and check out so we could make one last stop before heading to Osaka. We made the walk to Toji Temple before making our way to the train station. Toji was ¥800 a piece for entry and seeing as we could get photos from the outside and there didnt seem much to do we did not pay to enter but got a few photos. 

I hope yall are enjoying my trip as well and i promise to update again once we leave Osaka! 

Lots of love, 



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  1. Anna Etheridge says:

    It all sounds so exciting, keep the updates coming.


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