A Rocky Start in Japan

Hey, Y’all!


So originally the plan was to get a post for yall yesterday but its been a little rough since getting here. I got here on Thursday night around 5pm and was exhausted after three flights and a 12 hour layover in the Vancouver airport; my biggest hope for that night was Josh would pick me up on time and get me home so I could sleep! And he came through as always; he picked me up and we took a few trains and by 10pm I was in bed ready to sleep!


It was the 11th and part of the 12th  that proved  to be rough. I was jet lagged for sure (I mean its a trip over the international dateline and a 14hour time difference ie. Currently 1:36pm Sunday here & 11:36pm Saturday in North Carolina) then we came to the conclusion I was dehydrated and in need of caffeine. A tip for those of you traveling, while attempting to stay awake by drinking tons of caffeine remember that for the days following you may need to continue drinking a few caffeinated beverages or headaches from withdrawal will be bad. Over the last few days I’ve had a few nausea pills and lots of stuff for my headaches…however, yesterday afternoon things finally turned around thanks to Josh making me drink so much water and juice and getting me a coke. 


My first full day in the country was Friday and we took a train to Kamakura. We walked around a little bit (found a cute little crepe stand we will be going back to next week), visited a temple and I had my first bowl of ramen. I’d also like to point out I successfully ate said bowl of ramen with chopsticks! Then we made a stop at the grocery store in Yokosuka to pick up ingredients for dinner (chicken alfredo). I should point out space is not wasted here the store we visited was one of many spaces underground. 

Saturday was a day on base handling tickets for our bullet train to Osaka/Kyoto and Disneyland tickets! We met up with Joshs buddy on base for lunch at Yayokan (if you find yourself there get the mango juice and if you’re struggling, there are fries). I’ve let Josh order for me everywhere so remembering names of dishes is difficult. After lunch we exchanged my money fom USD to Yen before heading to Yokohama with his roommate and the friend on base. 

I loved Yokohama, we got there at night so the city was all lit up and bright. My friend Andrea would love it, lots and lots of shopping! Multiple malls and who would be upset when Krispy Kreme is across from Tiffanys? We spent the evening at World of Beer before heading back home.  


I will update again on the 15th when we leave Kyoto for Osaka! Hope yall enjoy following along as I travel through Japan!




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  1. Tracy says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better and that you are getting to enjoy all of this!
    Love you!!!


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