Japan, Here I come!

Hey, Y’all!

For as long as long as I can remember I have had a desire to travel, to see all the world has to offer and explore. I guess, you could say I have quite the case of wanderlust as my bucket list has a never-ending list of destinations to see. However, at 22, I have seen quite a few of the states but only ever traveled out of the US once. I took a cruise to the Bahamas in 2015. THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!


Since August 2015 I have been planning a trip to Japan to see my best friend, Josh, who is stationed in Yokosuka. Now, with this decision came a lot of planning, convincing (I mean even at 22 you need to show your parents that it isn’t a completely ridiculous idea to take 2.5 weeks off work/school and fly to a foreign country), and just prepping in general.

Now, I don’t want you thinking this was easy because it was far from it. I’ve panicked and made too many lists but I’m writing this post from the airport as I wait for my flight to board so obviously it is working out just fine thus far.

First step was to pick a time that would work not only with my friend not being on deployment, but I couldn’t miss too many days of school (my trip is an extension of spring break, so three days are missed), make sure I had enough time to save about $2400 for expenses and any other details (ie. Making sure my friend got his house so we didn’t need a hotel the entire time).

Second, was to actually budget and this proved to be the easiest part! Saving really was not too difficult considering I only have roughly $500 in expenses every month, I understand this isn’t true for everyone so it may take more than 7 months for you to save and that is fine! I found what worked best for me was leaving NO MONEY IN THE BANK! I used the envelope system to make sure everything came out when necessary and the envelope labeled ‘JAPAN’ never had anything removed from it!

Now I ended up stopping at $2500, I did not go to $2870 as I found a really great flight deal!

Once budgeting began and I knew I had enough for the plane ticket my friend booked our hotels in Kyoto and Osaka so that we wouldn’t miss out on a room. Then in January I booked my flight a few days before he moved into his house. Now there wasn’t much more to do aside from make packing lists and buy some things over the next few months.

I began packing four days before my flight to give time to unpack and repack. I advise this because you don’t want to pack too much! By repacking twice I was able to eliminate a few things. Don’t forget something to do at the airport or on your flights. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes (that are also easily removable to get through security).

Follow along as I share my travel stories with you from Japan!

I think I’m going to leave it at this for now and I’ll update everyone once I’ve made it to Japan on Thursday!





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